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    What is Digital Signature Certificate?

    Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is now the most reliable digital instrument for the process of digital document signing as well as the storage of crucial data. When signing electronic papers or forms, several government agencies and other service sectors rely on DSC's user-friendliness and its most important capabilities. The sensitive information that is traded and the many different kinds of online transactions that are carried out are protected by its multi-leveled cyber security help.

    A digital signature is the result of a calculation using a mathematical method that is encrypted using hash values to store a specific message. This digital signing certificate is similar to the traditional paper-based certificate, and digital signatures are applied to documents. It does this using encryption and decryption processes, which safeguard the data.

    According to the Information Technology Act 2000 passed by the Indian government 2000, it is mandatory to use digital signature certificates when submitting tax returns, filling out registration forms, or making electronic purchases. This confirms the signer's identity and ensures that the transmitted information will not be modified or altered in any way.

    Individuals and businesses may get a variety of Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) from Capricorn CA in various application formats. DSC stands for a digital signature certificate. DSC applicants may choose any DSC type that is appropriate for their signing requirements and apply for that particular form of DSC. The following is a condensed explanation of the numerous documents that digital signatures may take.

    Sign certificates are the only kind of DSC certificates that may be used to sign documents. This digital signature system can sign PDF files or documents for use with web-based services such as MCA, GST returns filing, and income tax returns. Before allowing access, it checks the data's bona fide nature and the user's identity.

    Documents, files, or data that should remain private may be encrypted using this DSC certificate. It assists businesses or firms in encrypting their papers before uploading them to tender websites. This certificate may also encrypt one's data, allowing for the safe transmission of such data. It is usual practice to encrypt DSC for documents related to electronic commerce, electronic tender submission, legal papers, and other types of secret information. Our Encrypt certificate is available for purchase as a stand-alone piece of digital signature software.

    Sign And Encode It
    The digital signature provided by this Sign and Encrypt certificate may be used to encrypt and sign documents. Forms, papers, and applications required by the government are often submitted. It is an excellent solution for users who must verify themselves while protecting the secrecy of the information being traded.

    Validity of DSC

    You can purchase digital signature certificates with a validity period of one, two, or even three years. (The regulatory body, also known as the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA, controls whether or not this validity is upheld. You are not permitted to purchase a DSC with a reality of less than one year or more than three years.)

    Different Categories Of DSC Certificates

    Capricorn CA is now authorized to provide its customers with class 3 Digital Signature Certificates following the new policies issued by the Controller of Certifying Authority CCA. Despite this, the class 2 certifications that were granted in the past will continue to be valid and used.

    Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
    According to the rules established by IVG, Capricorn can provide Class 3 DSCs, which are regarded as the most secure and safest kind of certificate. It finds its most valuable uses in settings where the confidentiality and integrity of the data are of the utmost importance. The submission of tax returns, filing tenders, electronic procurement, online trading, and other similar activities all use digital signature certificates. These procedures include large-scale monetary transactions and exchanging private information about the signer, which can only be protected with a digital signature certificate.

    Using digital signature certificates of class 3, one can make use of the following services:

    • E-Tendering
    • Electronic filing for patents and trademarks
    • MCA e-filing
    • Income Tax e-filing
    • LLP Registration
    • Electronic filing at Customs
    • E-Procurement
    • E-Bidding
    • E-Auction
    • Submission of applications for GST

    Document Signer Certificate
    Utilizing our Bulk Signer Certificates is an option if you want to use our certificate to sign several documents in bulk at once. Only organizations may purchase this Class 2 certification, which can be downloaded as a PFX file from our website. To get a Document Signer Certificate, please go here.

    IET Certificates
    We provide holders of an IEC code with a specialized digital signature certificate that can only be used on the DGFT site. This certificate was created only for that purpose. To get an IET Certificate, please go here.

    digital signature certificate (DSC) registration

    Documents Required for DSC Certificate or DSC Renewal

    The document required to purchase DSC Certificate

    • Aadhaar Card
    • Email-id
    • Mobile number for OTP purpose

    What Exactly is a Digital Signature Certificate?

    A certification of the identity of the person holding the digital signature certificate that the Certifying Authority granted is what a digital signature certificate is. To ensure that the document remains private, Public Key encryption is carried out with the assistance of Digital Signature Certificates.

    Others cannot access the file or account that a specific individual has digitally signed. It maintains the privacy of the particulars and personal information when doing business online.

    If you need assistance obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate, you may contact LegalTaxPert for our service.

    Processing Methods Utilizing DSC

    • Paperless Mode Based on Online Aadhaar Registration.
    • Paperless Mode eligibility requirements for the DSC might be waived for applicants who already possess an Aadhaar card. During this stage of the procedure, no paperwork is necessary. Your 12-digit Aadhaar number is required, and once you do so, your Aadhaar data will be obtained and shown on the application form. 
    • The Applicant's identity would be confirmed employing their mobile phone and email address. There has to be video verification. The process of submitting an application for a DSC, generating orders, and downloading a DSC would be finished within the allotted time.
    • Online Aadhaar OTP Mode
      An OTP will be delivered to the Applicant's registered mobile number if the Applicant chooses to verify their identity using an Aadhaar OTP option. The application is required to supply the Aadhaar number that is connected to their mobile device. Following a one-time password (OTP) entry, the Applicant's Aadhaar data will be shown on the screen. There is no need for a document. Video verification will be done. After the DSC verification process has been successfully finished, the DSC may be downloaded. This quick and easy procedure may be used anywhere and at any time to receive DSC.
    • Online Aadhaar Biometric Mode
      Combining a DSC application mode with a biometric device makes the DSC application mode more legitimate and dependable. To complete this operation on the computer, the program known as “Capricorn Biometric" must first be installed. A scan of the Applicant's chosen finger and their Aadhaar or VID number are both required steps in the application process. All the information included on your Aadhaar card will be shown on the screen. In this option, video verification is not necessary at any point. The procedure is straightforward and uncomplicated.
    • PAN-Based Mode
      This method of the DSC application mode demands a few critical pieces of information, such as the Applicant's name, PAN Card number, and mobile phone number. To get an OTP, the Applicant must provide an e-KYC ID and an e-KYC PIN. The Applicant's information would become viewable in the application form after an OTP had been validated. The verification procedure would be done through mobile, email, and video modes. The time and effort required to get a DSC may be significantly reduced thanks to this procedure.
    • Capricorn E-KYC Mode
      The application procedure for a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is one that many customers find more convenient and adaptable. The Applicant is responsible for obtaining a paperless offline e-KYC and then filling out the application form with the necessary e-KYC data. After verifying the information, the Applicant's Aadhaar data will be retrieved on the screen, and further confirmation will be carried out by cell phone, email, and video. The time and effort required for this procedure would be reduced.
    • E-KYC Mode Already Existing In Capricorn
      The Applicant must enter his e-KYC ID and e-KYC PIN to apply using the Capricorn Existing e-KYC option. Additionally, the Applicant will get an OTP to validate his credentials. The Applicant's information would be viewable to everyone who looked at the application form. In this approach, the Applicant is not required to provide documentation throughout the recording process. Those individuals who have previously applied to the paperless version of the DSC and now want to submit a new application for the DSC may use this option.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature?

    The primary difference between both the signatures is, a digital signature is used to secure documents and is authorized by Authority and an electronic signature is associated with a contract.

    How is digital signature verified?

    You can use the public key to verify the digital signature and also can enter PIN to verify the signature.

    What is a digital signature for company registration?

    Digital Signature is an electronic signature used in India for numerous online transaction and Government process like Filling Annual Return, Incorporation of Company or LLP, etc.

    Can we take DSC in the name of the company?

    Digital Signature Certificate is not required by any organization, but by individuals. For example, the company director requires DSC and will sign on the behalf of the companies.