Buy Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

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  • Digital Signature Certificate is important to file various filings like Income Tax, GST, Annual filings, and other Government projects.
  • You can reach out to Digital Signature Certificates provider in India, to get the customized electronic signature.
  • To get the digital signature certificate, you need to submit the digital signature form along with the documents and submit it.

Step-By-Step Guide of Digital Signature Certificate

  1. Step 1 Fill your application for DSC
  2. Step 2 Submit all the required documents online
  3. Step 3 Verify the application through OTP & complete the video verification process

What do you mean by Digital Signature Certificate?

A digital signature certificate is a validation of the person’s identity, holding the certificate issued by the Certifying Authority. Digital Signature Certificates are used as the Public Key encryption to maintain the confidentiality of the document.

The document/account with a specific Digital signature cannot be opened by others. It keeps the details and personal information confidential while doing online business. You can seek the help of legaltaxpert to get a Digital Signature Certificate.

What are the disadvantages of Proprietorship firms?

All Fees

What are the documents required for DSC Certificate or DSC Renewal?

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Email-id
  • Mobile number for OTP purpose

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a digital signature and an electronic signature?

The primary difference between both the signatures is, a digital signature is used to secure documents and is authorized by Authority and an electronic signature is associated with a contract.

How is digital signature verified?

You can use the public key to verify the digital signature and also can enter PIN to verify the signature.

What is a digital signature for company registration?

Digital Signature is an electronic signature used in India for numerous online transaction and Government process like Filling Annual Return, Incorporation of Company or LLP, etc.

Can we take DSC in the name of the company?

Digital Signature Certificate is not required by any organization, but by individuals. For example, the company director requires DSC and will sign on the behalf of the companies.