Which type of documents can be drafted under the plan?

The plan is designed to help people and businesses draft documents such as agreements, notices, deeds, etc with help of professionals such as legal consultants, Company Secretaries, Experts, etc Few legal documents are drafted by us are:

  • Employment Documents
  • Property Documents
  • Secretarial compliance
  • Board Resolution
  • Notices of meetings
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Arbitration Contracts
  • Personal
  • Consumer Complaint
  • Notice against non-payment of cheque
  • Settlement against road accident
  • Power of Attorney

Who are the professionals who will be drafting the legal documents?

Legaltaxpert provides wide drafting services with the help of its network of legal consultants, property experts, and tax professional experts. All the professionals hold expertise in their respective fields.

Do all agreements need to be notarized?

Documents of Real Estate property need to be notarized where the documents are present before the notary-designed person. A stamp of duty has been applied and some of the notarized documents are enforced in a court of law.

Some documents and agreements are not required to be notarized, until or unless it is demanded by the state or municipal law. Our experts will draft the documents after analyzing your expectations and specifications. We will provide you a soft copy of the drafted documents/.

Why Effective Drafting is essential

Effective drafting is essential because

  • As income tax returns are filed electronically, there might be some information that can’t be filed in the return.
  • As there is almost no interaction between the assessee and the AO, an assessee should do drafting to keep his/her point.
  • The government has allowed faceless appeals, now there will be no personal interaction between the authority and the applicant.
  • The written submission will be the only plea before the authorities, which should be documented effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the essentials to be kept in mind while drafting an appeal?

Usually, the statement of facts and grounds of appeal are drafted in the third person. As per Rule 45(2) of Income Tax Rules 1062, an appeal form should have grounds of appeal, statement, and the form of verification.

What is an appeal in drafting?

Appeal is a process to challenge the order of lower authorities before higher authorities.

What is the format of appeal?

An appeal letter should have an explanation of the situation and a statement about the outcome. An appeal letter is your chance to explain your situation

How do I draft a tax appeal?

An appeal letter should be drafted by following the rules of the Income Tax Act in the format of form no 35. The appeal will be authorized by the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal.