Drafting Legal Documents

We help our clients draft and review legal deeds and documents per their requirements, especially for their business.

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    What Kinds Of Papers Are Permitted Under The Plan?

    The plan is intended to assist individuals and organizations in drafting agreements, notifications, and deeds with the assistance of specialists such as legal advisers, Company Secretaries, Experts, etc. Among the few legal papers we prepare are:

    • Employment Documents
    • Property Documents
    • Secretarial compliance
    • Board Resolution
    • Notices of meetings
    • Minutes of meetings
    • Arbitration Contracts
    • Personal
    • Consumer Complaint
    • Notice against non-payment of cheque
    • Settlement against road accident
    • Power of Attorney

    Who Will Be Writing The Legal Documents?

    LegalTaxPert offers extensive drafting services via its network of legal advisors, real estate specialists, and tax professionals. All of the specialists are experts in their respective professions.

    Do all contracts need a notarization?

    Real Estate paperwork must be notarized in the presence of a designated notary public. A tax stamp has been affixed, and some notarized papers are admissible in court.

    Some contracts and papers are not needed to be notarized unless or until required by state or local law. Our professionals will write the documents based on an analysis of your requirements and expectations. You will get a digital copy of the prepared papers.

    Why Is Effective Drafting Important?

    Effective drafting is necessary because of the following reasons:

    1. Due to the computerized filing of tax forms, there may be certain information that cannot be included.

    2. As there is little dialogue between the assessee and the AO, the assessee must draft to maintain their position.

    3. Now that the government has authorized anonymous appeals, there will be no human connection between the authority and the appellant.

    4. The written submission will be the sole argument presented to the authorities and should be appropriately documented.

    Legal Notice's Implications in India

    In India, a legal notice is a document that, when submitted to an individual, serves as a “warning" or “intimation" It makes people aware of what they are unaware of. It describes the wrongdoings or errors the receiver has done, as well as the penalties the recipient may face if the sender resorts to litigation. Before taking action in response to a legal notice, it is usually prudent to contact a civil cases attorney.

    FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

    What are the essentials to be kept in mind while drafting an appeal?

    Usually, the statement of facts and grounds of appeal are drafted in the third person. As per Rule 45(2) of Income Tax Rules 1062, an appeal form should have grounds of appeal, statement, and the form of verification.

    What is an appeal in drafting?

    Appeal is a process to challenge the order of lower authorities before higher authorities.

    What is the format of appeal?

    An appeal letter should have an explanation of the situation and a statement about the outcome. An appeal letter is your chance to explain your situation

    How do I draft a tax appeal?

    An appeal letter should be drafted by following the rules of the Income Tax Act in the format of form no 35. The appeal will be authorized by the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal.

    Is it required to send legal notice to the opposing party?

    It depends on the topic at hand. A legal notification is not always required to be delivered. In some instances, however, a legal notice is required before the filing of court proceedings. An example would be Section S-80 of the CPC (civil process code), which mandates issuing legal notice before suing the receiving party. Similarly, Section S-138 of the Negotiation instrument legislation is required to deliver a legal notification for a bounced check before the court appearance. Consequently, submitting a legal notice in some circumstances might be lethal. When legal information is not required, it is recommended to avoid it.

    How should you respond to a legal notice sent by your attorney?

    Carefully read and comprehend the legal documents you got. If it demands a response or specific action, such as a failed check, you may pay the person who issued you the legal notice, and the situation will be resolved there.

    Consult a skilled expert attorney and submit him with the legal notice; the attorney will create a response on your behalf and deliver it to the sender.

    Depending on your response to the sender party, the sender party may opt to take the issue to court or agree to a settlement outside of court; in any event, ensure that the attorney you've consulted is well-informed of the activities he is advising you to take.