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    What Exactly Is A Notification Of Income Tax?

    The Department of Income Tax is responsible for processing the taxpayer’s income tax return once submitted. The Department of Income Tax will notify the taxpayer if there is a mistake in the previously submitted income tax return. Check out the following list to learn more about the various notifications sent by the Department of Income Tax.

    What Kinds Of Income Tax Notifications Are There To Choose From?

    The Income Tax department is responsible for issuing various notifications as required by the Income Tax Act of 1961.

    • Under Section 143(1) of the Income Tax Act, the Income Tax Intimation is the notification that is delivered to the taxpayer after the return has been submitted by the assessee and processed by the Centralized Processing Centre (CPC).
    • Income Tax Intimation, Issued according to Section 143(1)(a) – This notification is sent out when the individual’s submitted Income Tax Return has certain discrepancies.
    • Notice Regarding Income Tax Issued Pursuant to Section 139(9) – One receives this Notice in the event that the submitted income tax return contains errors. For example, a tax return must first be submitted before making a payment toward self-assessment tax.
    • Rectification Will Be Filled If the Taxpayer Has Not Provided Details Rectification Will Be Filled If the Taxpayer Has Not Provided Details Such as TDS Credit or Any Other Important Information Rectification Will Be Filled Under Section 154
    • Income Tax Under Section 245 This notice is issued to notify about the adjustment of the Refund with the Income Tax claim. The notification is provided to comply with the requirements of Section 245. Notice of Income Tax Due Under Section 142(1) – The taxpayer is given this Notice of income tax due under section 142(1) to get specific documents and information while scrutiny is being performed.
    • Income Tax Notice Provided Under Section 148 – This Notice is given when the Assessing Officer has a reasonable cause to assert that the taxpayer’s income has avoided assessment. This Notice is issued under section 148 of the Internal Revenue Code.
    • Notice of Income Tax Obligation Sent Under Section 156 – This income tax notice was issued to remind you about the payment after the Income Tax Scrutiny was finished and the order was approved.
    • Income Tax Notice Issued Under Section 143(2) – If this income tax notice has been issued, the Assessing Officer indicates that a specific income tax return has been chosen for inspection. This examination may result in the issuance of additional information or clarification from the Assessing Officer.

    What Exactly Is An Income Tax Notification Under Section 142(1)?

    This Notice of Income Tax is being sent to taxpayers to request specific documentation. Before continuing with the assessment, collecting all of the necessary information from the assessee is essential, which is why this notification has been sent out. This notification is sent in both the condition in which the returns have been submitted as well as the situation in which the returns have not been filed despite the fact that the deadline for submitting returns has passed.

    1. Submit an income tax return even though it was not completed within the allotted time.

    2. The taxpayer must present certain accounts and papers, such as a sales register, purchase register, voucher, receipts/proof of deductions, invoices of costs incurred, etc.

    3. To generate further information and documentation from the taxpayer that the Assessing Officer deems appropriate for the case as they see fit.

    4. It is essential to provide the Assessing Officer with the required paperwork and particulars within the time frame outlined in the Notice.

    What Are The Justifications For Sending Out A Notification For Income Tax?

    It’s possible to be notified by the IRS of the following:

    • Returns of income tax are not being submitted.
    • Any errors or mistakes made when completing the income tax return.
    • The values for the tax withheld at source (TDS) do not match up between the income tax return you submitted and the Form 26AS records kept by the department of income tax.
    • Any monetary transaction carried out by the taxpayer was not reported on the income tax return submitted by the assessee.
    • If the taxpayer does not provide the exact papers and information requested by the Income Tax Officer, a notification will be sent to the assessee.
    • To carry out the examination required by subsection (3) of section 143 of the Income Tax Act and for any other reason, the Assessing officer may see appropriate.

    How Can I Determine Whether Or Not An Income-Tax Notice Has Been Issued And Its Current Status?

    Checking the specifics of an issued notice from the internal revenue service may be done quickly by using the following method:

    Step 1: Go to the official website of the Income Tax Department, which may be found at “," and either log in or register there.

    Step 2: After clicking on the Pending Actions tab, go to the drop-down menu and choose E-proceedings.

    Step 3: Navigate to the given individual notification and click on the assessment year that corresponds to it.

    Step 4: If you have any requests or notifications of this kind, you will locate them here.

    How Likely Is It That I Will Be Contacted By The Internal Revenue Service About My Income Tax Return?

    There is a potential, albeit it is fewer than 1%, that we will get notification from all of the taxpayers. The following are some of the possible causes that might result in a message from the Internal Revenue Service:

    • You are obligated to submit your income tax return but have not done so within the allotted period.
    • The tax return that you sent in has at least one mistake or error.
    • Incorrect credit for TDS was entered in the return.
    • The Assessing Officer needs whatever documentation or facts they can handle.
    • Any other circumstance that the Assessing Officer may consider appropriate.

    What Exactly Is The “Notice Assistance Service" For Income Taxes?

    The “Notice Assistance Service" for Income Tax is one of the most sophisticated services provided by Our team of tax professionals will review the papers about your income tax and provide answers to any questions raised by the notice. The issues will be resolved by our knowledgeable staff members, who will eliminate the mistake, complete all of the notification criteria, rectify or refund, etc. To address the notice of income tax liability given to you, all that is needed of you is to produce the information and documents specified in the notice.

    Steps to Use the ‘Notice Assistance Service’ For Income Tax Return

    To successfully submit your income tax information to LegalTaxPert, please follow the procedures outlined below:

    1. Log in by going to the page that assists with income-tax notices. Or If you have already signed in, go to the homepage and choose the “Notice Assistance Service" option for your income tax return.

    2. To proceed, please add a new participant.
    You will then be on the dashboard for the “Income Tax Notice Assistance Service" page; click on the “Upload Notice" button “to get started.

    3. Examine the electronic version of your income tax notification in PDF format, and provide the password if one was provided.

    4. In the space provided, please provide your feedback on the received income tax notification.

    5. Choose the “Upload" button to send your income-tax notification to my tax return for the year. The letter you received from the Internal Revenue Service about your income tax will be examined by our tax experts shortly, and they will assist in resolving any concerns that may arise.

    6. After your income-tax notification is posted, the taxpayer will be given a Case ID unique to their situation.

    7. The ‘Notice Assistance Service’ for income tax is a premium service, and the associated fees are proportional to the notice’s level of complexity.

    Documents Required to Respond to an Income Tax Notice

    The needed documentation differs from one sort of Income Tax Notice to another, and it also depends on the specific circumstances of each instance. However, to respond to any notice about income tax, the following papers are required:

    • The income source evidence such as Form-16 (part-b), salary receipts, and so on must be attached to the copy of the Income Tax Notice.
    • TDS certifications, Form-16(part-a), etc.
    • substantiation of investments, if relevant.

    However, there are situations when the matter should only be reviewed by those knowledgeable in tax law. As a result, after you have uploaded the copy of the Income Tax Notice, the Tax Experts here will look it over and come up with a possible solution. You will be requested for the relevant documentation based on this information.

    FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

    How do I deal with my income tax notice?

    Don’t panic. Respond to the notice by attaching the required details and documents by the notice.

    What happens if you don't respond to income tax notice?

    Taxpayers can write an application for the extension to the local assessing officer. If you do not respond your notice, the return of respective Assessment year will be considered invalid. Generally 7 days are the time limit to respond to the Income Tax Department Notice.

    Do salaried employees get income tax notice?

    Yes, for reasons like the taxpayer lost her job, took leave without filling the ITR for the respective financial year, etc. Changing jobs in the mid-year is the most common reason for receiving Income tax notice by the salaried employees.

    What are the documents required to resolve an Income Tax notice?

    The documents required to reply to income tax notice are income tax notice copy, Income Source proof such as salary receipts, TDS certificates, and Investment proofs(if applicable), etc.

    When I file my income tax return for a particular assessment year, am I allowed to get more than one notice?

    Yes, taxpayers can receive several income tax notices within a single Assessment Year.

    What are the repercussions if I disregard an income tax notice?

    You must pay attention to every notification that comes from the Income Tax. According to the Income Tax Act of 1961, you risk receiving a severe penalty and being punished for your actions.

    How much time is required to respond to the notification about the income tax?

    Regarding resolving the issued income tax notice, the Department of Income Tax has not specified a specific deadline for doing so. Everything relies on the specifics of the situation, such as the processing time of the Income Tax department and the response time of the taxpayer, among other things.

    How can I communicate with the income-tax department, if I am now located outside of India?

    In today’s world, submitting tax returns is a straightforward and uncomplicated process. You may now offer your income tax returns from almost any global location using an online income tax return. Suppose you are required to be physically present at the Income Tax office. In that case, you can designate a representative to go on your behalf, who will then be responsible for meeting all of the criteria and submitting all the necessary paperwork in your stead.