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What is an Income-tax notice?

The Income-tax return filed by the taxpayer is processed by the Income Tax Department. If there is an error in the filed income tax return, a notice will be sent to the taxpayer by the Income Tax Department. There are numerous and different notices issued by the Income Tax Department, check them out below.

What are the types of Income-tax notices?

Under the Income Tax Act 1961, the Income Tax department issues numerous notices.

  1. Income Tax Intimation, Under Section143(1) – It is the notice sent to the taxpayer after the return is filed by the assessee and processed by the Centralised Processing Centre (CPC).
  2. Income Tax Intimation, Under Section 143(1)(a) – It is issued when there are certain inconsistencies in the filed Income Tax Return.
  3. Income Tax Notice Under Section 139(9) – This notice is issued when the filed Income Tax return is defective. For example – An income tax return is filed before paying self-assessment tax.
  4. Rectification Under Section 154 – If the taxpayer has not provided details like TDS credit or any other important information, Rectification will be filled.
  5. Income Tax Under Section 245 – This notice is issued to communicate about the adjustment of the Refund with Income Tax demand. Income Tax Notice Under Section 142(1) – This Income Tax notice is issued to the taxpayer to get certain documents and details while scrutiny is conducted.
  6. Income Tax Notice Under Section 148 – This notice is issued when the Assessing Officer has a valid reason to state that the income of the taxpayer has escaped assessment.
  7. Income Tax Notice Under Section 156 – This Income tax notice issued to remind about the payment after the Income Tax Scrutiny is completed and the order is passed.
  8. Income Tax Notice Under Section 143(2) – If this Income Tax notice has been issued it means that a particular Income Tax return has been selected for scrutiny by the Assessing Officer.

What is Income-tax notice under section 142(1)?

This Income Tax Notice is issued to get specific documents from the taxpayers. The objective of this notice is to receive all the required information from the assesse before completing the assessment. This notice is issued under both the condition when the returns have been filed and when the return has not been filed and the time of filing return has expired.

  • To file an Income-tax return if it is not filled within the timeline.
  • To produce specific accounts and documents such as sales register, purchase register, voucher, receipts/proof of deductions availed, invoices of expenses made, etc. from the taxpayer.
  • to produce other details and documents from the taxpayer as the Assessing Officer thinks fit for the case.
  • It is important to furnish the documents and details to the Assessing Officer within the time specified in the notice

What are the reasons for issuing an Income-tax notice?

An Income Tax notice may be issued:
  • Income Tax returns are not filed.
  • Any error or mistakes while filing the Income Tax Return
  • TDS figures are not the same in the Income Tax Return filed by you and in the Form 26AS records of the Income Tax Department.
  • Any financial transaction done by the taxpayer, but is missing in the Income Tax return filed by the assesse.
  • The Income Tax Officer wants specific documents and details from the taxpayer, then a notice will be issued to the assesse.
  • To process scrutiny under Section 143(3) of the Income Tax Act and for also any other purpose as per Assessing officer.
  • How do I check if there is an Income-tax notice issued and the status of it?

    Here is a quick method to check the details of the issued Income Tax notice:

    Step 1. Login/Sign Up on the official website of the Income Tax Department “”

    Step 2. Click on the Pending Actions and select E-proceedings from the drop-down.

    Step 3. Click on the Assessment year for the particular notice issued.

    Step 4. If you have any such requests or notices, you’ll find them.

Can I receive more than one Income-tax notice for an Assessment Year?

Yes, a taxpayer can receive more than one Income Tax notice for the particular Assessment Year.

What if I ignore an Income-tax notice?

Do not ignore any notice from the Income Tax. You might be imposed with a heavy penalty and punishment under the Income Tax Act 1961.

What are the chances that I will receive an Income-tax notice?

There are less than 1% chances of receiving notice from the total taxpayers. The following might be the reason that will lead to Income Tax notice:

  • You are required to file your Income-tax return and have not filed the same within the timeline
  • There is some mistake/error in the return filed by you
  • Wrong credit of TDS is filled in the ITR
  • Any documents or details are required by the Assessing Officer
  • Any other situation which the Assessing Officer may deem fit

How much time does it take to resolve the Income-tax notice?

There is no particular timeline mentioned by the Income Tax Department to resolve the issued Income Tax notice. It entirely depends on the factors like processing time of the Income Tax department, the response time of the taxpayer, etc.

I am outside India currently, how to approach the Income-tax Department in this case?

Nowadays, filing Income Tax returns is simple and easy. Now, from an online Income Tax Return, you can file income tax returns from any part of the world. In case you have to be physically present in the Income Tax office, you can appoint as your representative to be physically present in place of the taxpayer to fulfill all the requirements and to submit all the documents.

What is the Income-tax 'Notice Assistance Service'?

Income Tax “Notice Assistance Service” is an advanced services offer by Our tax experts analyse your Income tax-related documents and resolve the queries mentioned in the Notice. Our experts will resolve the queries by eliminating the error, fulfilling all the notice requirements and rectification or return, etc. You just need to provide the required information and documents to resolve the Income Tax notice issued to you.

How do I avail Income-tax 'Notice Assistance Service'?

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to upload your Income-tax on legaltaxpert :

  1. Visit the Income-tax notice Assistance Page and log in. Or If you are already logged in, from the home page, select the Income-tax 'Notice Assistance Service'.
  2. Add a member to continue.
  3. You will be on the Income-tax 'Notice Assistance Service' Page dashboard, click on “Upload Notice" to begin.
  4. Browse the soft copy of your Income-tax notice in PDF format and mention the password, if any.
  5. Write your comments regarding the Income-tax notice received.
  6. Click on the “Upload" button to submit your Income-tax notice to my IT return. The Tax Experts Your Income-tax notice will be reviewed by our Tax Experts soon and they shall help resolve the issues as required.
  7. A unique Case ID will be provided to the taxpayer once your Income-tax notice is uploaded.
  8. Income-tax 'Notice Assistance Service' is a premium service and charges vary with the notice complexity.

What are the steps involved in Income-tax notice Assistance?

Our process flow for Income-tax 'Notice Assistance Service' is simple and easy:

  1. Upload your income tax notice and write doubts regarding the notice.
  2. Pay a one-time Income Tax Notice Assistance Service fee.
  3. Our experts will go through your case and interact with you. They will plan the final steps to reply to the issued Income Tax Notice and update you regarding all the actions to resolve your notice.
  4. On receiving your confirmation, our tax expert will submit the response to your income tax return notice.
  5. In general cases, it takes a week for the above process to be completed.

Is there any additional fee to be paid if more than one Income-tax notice is issued to me?

Yes, a fee for Income Tax “Notice Assistance service” will be charged individually for each issued notice. It is your choice as a customer/client if you pay the fee of each notice individually or jointly.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I deal with my income tax notice?

Don’t panic. Respond to the notice by attaching the required details and documents by the notice.

What happens if you don't respond to income tax notice?

Taxpayers can write an application for the extension to the local assessing officer. If you do not respond your notice, the return of respective Assessment year will be considered invalid. Generally 7 days are the time limit to respond to the Income Tax Department Notice.

Do salaried employees get income tax notice?

Yes, for reasons like the taxpayer lost her job, took leave without filling the ITR for the respective financial year, etc. Changing jobs in the mid-year is the most common reason for receiving Income tax notice by the salaried employees.

What are the documents required to resolve an Income Tax notice?

The documents required to reply to income tax notice are income tax notice copy, Income Source proof such as salary receipts, TDS certificates, and Investment proofs(if applicable), etc.